Faith Journey

If anyone follows my instagram account, you will see that I am restarting my faith journey.


It has not been a easy couple of months and as I start my life journey for a better life for myself, my kids and my family, my faith also needs to be taken care of.

If anyone else is a complete beginner at this, then do please follow along. I aim to post as many helpful websites, blogs, articles which will allow me to understand and deepen my faith.

So lets dive in:


The beginning was tough. I had to make some kind of commitment to my faith. But the first piece of equipment that I needed to make that happen, was to find a bible which suited the way I read.

I am not into complicated stuff, I just want to be able to understand the Word of GOD, the meanings behind Jesus’s stories and how to implement this in today’s ever changing society. The New International Version was the easiest by far. I brought this bible at a Christian book shop and is of a great quality. The pages allow writing and drawings to be done, without compromising the paper.

If you would like to purchase this bible, it can be found on Amazon for a good price. The link provided is an affiliate link, which means that the writer (Jackie) will receive a small amount of commission, at no cost to the buyer. Here is the link: Amazon


Equipping Godly Women by Brittany

This was the first website I came across during my bible buying research. Brittany is fantastic at what she does. I have found her website THE GO TO PAGE if ever I need to find anything at this beginning part of my faith journey.

Very Resourceful and highly recommended!

Please drop some links into the comments below if you have found this to be helpful to you. I would love to hear about your faith journey, how far you have come, what will be your next faith goal?

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