April Books and excuses

A little late, but here none the less!

It has been an extraordinary month of starting new things and strengthening existing ones.

So lets begin with;

Starting New Hobbies


I started to knit when I was young. It was a hobby which I picked up from my mother and have loved since. Knitting has always been a sporadic hobby of mine, fitting it in when I can. But this time, I have something to look forward. A new addition will be added into our family soon (not me!) and I have picked up my needles again to create a special blanket for him/her. The only disadvantage at the moment, are my hands. My fingers are starting to ache a bit…but I’m sure this will wear off.


Due to trying to make a blanket (within a short amount of time), my love of reading has taken a back seat.

But, I have managed to finish a few books and I am ahead of my yearly reading challenge, so I am not too worried;

Roar by Cecelia Ahern

Yikes! It started off well, but I ended giving up halfway.

Some of the stories were great, especially the first few ones, but I found that the message was just repeating itself. Women are strong and should not be ignored or treated any differently.

I got the point.

I got that woman need to be strong, that sometimes we can be mislabelled as being the weaker species and that during our lives, we will come across many discriminatory/sexist comments and assumptions. I suppose these come up depending on many factors, where we work, what we believe etc.

But this review is’nt a rant. Merely an observation of the book and its meaning. So all in all, an interesting book, but could have been summed up in less than 30 stories.

Star Rating 3/5

Before I knew by Jamie Beck (The Cabots Book 1)

My first Romance Book!

Part of my #betterreadingchallenge was to read books across a wide range of genres. The surprise here was that I did not realise I had purchased this book through Amazon! I actually thought it was a free book, until I opened my bank account. Whoops! (But I always believe that things happen for a reason.)

Before I knew is the first book in the Cabot 3 part series. Haunted by two tragic events, Colby finds herself in a vulnerable position, trying to piece her life back together again, reminiscing on her previous marriage and her past decisions.

With the opening of her new restaurant, Colby finds herself trying to balance work and life, whilst allowing herself permission to love again.

All in all a lovely, sweet read beginning with the journey to understanding ourselves and our decisions, building a connection with our family and our partners.


real love is about focusing on what the person you love needs rather than what you need or want

“Reading between the lines had become a reflex—an exhausting one that kept her mired in a state of constant defensiveness.”

Indulgent compassion and bending to the will of another had nearly destroyed her.

Star Rating 4/5

The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman

A quick afternoon read but held my attention throughout.

Gaiman’s twisted take on sleeping beauty blended with snow white took on a sinister tale but with an important lesson at the end. 

Riddell’s illustrations were mesmerising.

Due to the easy nature of the book, I will hold back on any spoilers, aside from the fact, that this book should be read by everyone. The story may be short, but the message it portrays is so much more.

Rating 5/5

Happy Reading everyone!

Please feel free to follow me on Goodreads or Instagram, I will follow back. It is always great to see what others are reading.

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