Dementia Useful Info

As Dementia awareness week comes to a close, I thought it might be important to relay some important websites that may prove useful to those who have dementia, are caring for those who have dementia or would just like to know more about it.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it is a start on a journey to know more about the condition.

Useful Websites

Alzheimer’s Society – One of the leading charities supporting those who have Alzheimer’s and those who care for a loved one with the condition. The website is packed with useful information about what Dementia is, treatments, support for those who have it and support for carers, financial information etc. This site is a definate for anything associated with Alzheimers and Dementia.

Dementia Friends -An Alzheimers Society initiative, Dementia Friends exist to be able to teach those in the community about Dementia in a way which can be passed on to others. To become a Dementia Friend. I feel that this initiative is a absolutely fantastic as it helps to close the gap between our society by bringing us together and to speak up about how we can best support each other with this condition. There are some wonderful stories posted on the website with links on how to become a Dementia Friend in your community.

Age UK – I found this website very useful. Not only does it giev you general information about Dementia, but it also highlights other important factors, which you may be thinking about, some where along the line of being diagnosed with it, or if circumstances have changed, such as finding ifformation on how to adapt your home to suit your needs, or finding additional care and support.

Interesting Therapies

Pet therapy Information on how having a pet many prove beneficial to those with Alzheimers.

Musical Moments Although mainly based in Cheshire and surrounding areas, this company looks like one to keep your eyes on. A lovely way helping those with Dementia.

In addition to theses websites, I did come across some therapies which looked to be quite promising for those with Dementia;

Campaigns and Awareness

#Askmeanything by Alzheimers Society. A lovely video was posted about this campaign which you can find here.


I did come across a few headlines about Dementia, but the BBC had an interesting article helped to discuss some important questions, in managable chunks. A bit more in depth about Dementia, focusing on the changes in anatomy and physiology when this particular condition becomes apparent.

Personal Stories

There are many stories on the internet about those who have received the diagnosis of having Dementia to those who care for a loved one with the condition. Here are some that I came across;

Parables of Care – This was a lovely creative way, showing us what Dementia does and ways in which to help. Told in a series of small comics, it is definately one in which to share. Please be warned that to get hold of the booklet, you do need to provide your details, such as email address, name etc.

Dear Carer – An account from Mike Barnes, who looked after his mother, after being diagnosed with Alzheimas. If you would like to read his book, Be with: Letters to a caregiver, the link will be provided below.

Somebody I used to know – I can gladly say I read this book before Richard and Judy! A heartfelt memoir of Wendy Mitchell as she retales her story about having Dementia.


In case the links did not work, I have provided them below;

Alzheimers Society

Dementia Friends

Age UK



Mike Barnes – Be With, Letters to a Caregiver

Wendy Mitchell – Somebody I used to know

Parables of Care – Parables of Care

Pet Therapy –

Musical Moments –

This is not an exhaustive list. There are many other websites, blogs and various points in which to access great information about Dementia. I may add on to the list as I go along.

Please feel free to add any websites you have found helpful for this condition, I would love to take a look!

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