Piece by piece

My throat closes up, the tears demand release, but I breathe deep to try and hold them in. Not now. Now is not the time. He will see and he will worry. Because that is what little children think when they see their loved ones cry.

So no, you must not cry, look away to the sky, tilt your head backwards and pretend to stretch your back. This will give you enough time to blink your tears back in.

What caused this to happen? A child, my child. Being watched, without being noticed that a pair of eyes are observing him. I was able to take in all that he was and what he will be. And I know that in my heart, I am doing a good job even if he does call me his big sister.


3 thoughts on “Piece by piece

  1. mariyaah says:

    Such a moving piece this one is.
    I found this link through community pool and I see you have an asian name. Are you from asia?
    And I see you are a reader as well. Are you from Bookay? (I am just guessing, apologies if I sound absurd)
    I like the name you’ve given to your blog. Its plain simple but yet it holds immense depth within itself. I wish you peace and tranquility.
    Happy blogging from my side


    • Sadia says:

      My parents originate from seychelles but Sadia is my second name. I thought I would use it as my writers name.

      What is Bookay? Is it an app. I’m currently on goodreads at the moment. Is it the same thing?

      Thankyou for your kind comments. I’ll make sure to read your blog too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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