My end-of-May-into-June goals

Although May is practically over, I have decided to start building myself into a better person, for myself, my kids, my husband and my family.

I have organised a morning routine which consists of a small list so it does not become overwhelming. When I get into the routine, I can swap it and change it around to suit my needs at that time. Everyone will have a different way in which they start the day and it will change, evolve and become better over time…its just committing to the cause at the beginning which is the hardest…

So, presently, I have decided to:

Have a simple morning routine, which will consist of breathing techniques and stretching, amongst other things. I have also created a daily routine of the things I want to accomplish without excuses, which will include reading a set amount of pages in a book and yoga practice. I have been on and off with yoga for a few years now and I need to start being consistent. So, to encourage these habits, I will have to be accountable for my actions. Which means that the right mind set is needed. And if this does not work….then maybe a more drastic action is needed…I may have to think of that one.

I have downloaded an app to help with daily habits. To be able to keep up with my daily goals, to do lists and productivity, I hope to use a bullet journal (which I have also been quite inconsistent with lately).

So here goes! Progress update will be at the end of May!

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