HomeTouch – Helping to find individualised live in care for our loved ones

There have been many times I have been asked about which care agency are the best ones for their loved ones.

I have heard many stories, from many of my clients about personal carers, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. But there is a website which I have recently come across which looked quite promising.

Sorry for anyone who is not in the UK.

Hometouch, founded by a Dementia specialist is one of a kind. It offers an unique way to find a carer who is most suitable for your needs, specialising with those who have mental decline, dementia, memory loss etc.

Each carer is allowed their own personal profile, promoting themselves, experience and qualifications. You can make the choice of who would be more suitable for your loved one’s needs, but also have the assurance that Hometouch have a helpline to help you make the right choice.

Regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and with a substantial amount of trusted reviews, this may be a great company to keep an eye out for.

Hometouch website: https://myhometouch.com

This post was created to generate awareness of certain companies which may not be well known.

Please seek professional opinion when considering the best care for your loved ones.

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