Book Fuse: The White Queen by Philipa Gregory

I have always been a fan of Philippa Gregory’s series and I have recently been trying to read them in order. So far, so good!

A librarian recently told me that this particular book was turned into a BBC series, but I refused to watch it until I read the book and I am glad I did.

When reading a book (before watching the TV series), I find you always have a deeper understanding of the characters and Gregory manages to secure your attention by delving the reader deeper into the mind of her character. This is done throughout the book. By the time the book ends, I got the sense of Elizabeth’s lust for the throne, whether it be for her or her son. She was portrayed as a woman who was a mother and protected her sons and family but as she rose through the ranks, it seemed that family were sacrificial pawns in order for her, or husband to stay on the throne.

Gregory’s fictional storytelling is definitely one in which I love to revisit. It opens up the doors to history in a magical retelling of some of the most important figures in history.


To try and relate this book to everyday life can be quite a challenge as a different lifestyle and culture occurred in those very early days. But the character of Elizabeth was very inspiring, amid the fact that her family were slightly used to gain what she wanted for her sons.

Elizabeth struck me as a very devoted mother, but as her daughter quite rightly pointed out, it was more directed to her boys. Maybe she felt that turning her attention to putting her son on the throne will allow the daughters to gain a higher power in turn. Which begs the question, was she ever fulfilled with her life before she met Edward?

Elizabeth knew she had the upper hand when it came to using witchcraft to gain advantages, but being careful to how she used it as witches were not favoured in those days. Which calls for another question, did she have the power to call on Edward to visit the village? I guess we will never know the full picture.

Her determination was definitely something to be admire about. It is refreshing to read about the high statuses of women, even if it is fictional and what they face.

Looking forward to reading more of the cousin’s war series.


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