January 2019 Library Book Haul

This (hopefully) will be one of many posts that I will write on how amazing our local libraries are and can be to the whole community.

I don’t tend to stick to one genre when choosing books. I am in the habit of picking up whatever book grabs my attention, this could be from the title, to the image, to the author. The best thing about the library is that you can take it back and not have to worry about money being exchanged! (Another top tip for budgeting)

First, a shoutout to Bookish Beck for the inspiration behind this post. It was lovely to come across this idea by another fantastic blogger, Katie Gilley.

Books checked out

House of Ashes by Monique roffey

The children of Men by P.D. James

The house swap by Rebecca Fleet

Due to the fact that I am right in the middle of another 3 books, I have actually put all these books aside. I do plan to get round to reading at least one by the middle of February. So, no books read, no books skimmed! Waiting to be read? All of them!

I am a slow reader, but a very absorbent one!

Unfinished books checked back in

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel; I was excited to find this book in the library as one of my clients had an expansive bookshelf with this particular book being part of it. We had such a good rapport, especially with the same tastes in books that I thought I would give it a try. but oh goodness…I couldn’t get past page 50. I was getting too confused and I couldn’t do it. I simply gave up. Sorry Hilary.

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