BookFuse Review: The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party (No1 Ladies Detective Agency) by Alexander McCall Smith

Because this book is part of a big series, there is nothing more I can say about it, that I haven’t already written.

Throughout the book, there is always one or two themes that emerge throughout and is brought to a successful conclusion at the end. The themes always tend to be around life problems or events, so in this case, Mma Ramostwe finds her white van and Mma Matkusi is planning her wedding. The juggling of cases comes in between these two events.

The theme always runs throughout the book, always with the same principles and morals of not just Botswana’s culture, but the characters individual values and morals. These do get tested, but it is the way in which Smith brings back the morals into everyday decisions, which leaves the reader to think about his/her own morals and how they apply it to their own lives.

These books are definitely a bookfusion in my life. Whenever I feel l like I am being pushed to do something I would not normally think of doing, or if I feel like I am losing my integrity, I always think of reaching for one of Smith’s books. After that, my feet are firmly back on the ground.

Have you read a book which really felt close to your own?

If would be great to hear about how a book influenced the way you live your life; fantasy, fiction, nonfiction. Every book has the potential to change how we think and what we do everyday.


BookFuse Challenge; I will be bogging about a new challenge for those readers out there who would like to write about how a book has made an influence in their lives. This is the chance to really think deep about how a book relates to our everyday lives and why it may still be on your bookshelf to this day!


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