2019 – Not a year to start new resolutions but to polish up existing ones.

We all make resolutions for a reason. We may not have been able to complete the ones we made last year, but that is ok.

We all have new things we want to try. But we don’t have to wait until the new year to begin doing it.

Photo taken by freestocks, available on Pexels

We are an amazing group of humans. We each have our own unique skills that we bring to the world. We may not know it but everything we do, we change the world that little bit more.

So instead of committing to doing something new and knowing that we might not complete it, let’s look at what we are already doing and polish up on those instead.

Silver doesn’t stay silver if we leave it on the shelf. It stays silver because we work hard at polishing it back to life. Our life should be the same.

The journey of self discovery doesn’t just start with changing your lifestyle. It starts with your original skill set you already have and building on them day by day. With this, we can gradually introduce new projects without being too overwhelmed with a massive resolution list.

It is important to remember that your self discovery will be unique to everyone else’s. Building on ourselves is a lifetime development, not just one we hope to restart once a year. And who says you have to wait for next year to start this transition?

Thanks for reading.


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