My year in books 2018

I am proud to be able to share my first blog post relating to my yearly reading challenge, with the help of Goodreads.

As a mother, it can be hard to be able to pick up a book without your family needing or wanting something (especially when you know one of your children must have been a cat in his former life). So it doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the ways in which I was able to get through a book was to listen to it, via audio.

The argument behind whether an audio book can really be defined as reading is one I usually ignore. Reading to me is more than using your eyes, it is also using your other senses. If I read to my child (who can not read yet), I am not only using my eyes to see, I am using my mouth for the words, the tone and accent of my voice to bring a character to life, my ears to hear his little gasps of delight, my soul lighting up when my child laughs at funny excerpts. It is not enough that reading should just be taken as someone with a book. To me, it feels like a life source.

Anywho, I digress.

What will be different in 2019?

2019 will be the year in which I will expand, not only as a writer/blogger, but to relight my fire of reading. I have always stuck to the same authors. This is not a bad thing, in my eyes, but with the many choices of genres around me, I would like to expand my library to different styles of writing.

I have chosen to stick to the 25 books reading challenge this year, as I feel that this will allow me to accomplish other ideas.

I plan to build up my blog and connect with others, read other bloggers and be at ease with my own style of writing.

Although I have only thought of these two major changes, I am sure that small changes will come in time. I have learnt my lesson in starting with big lists and not following through. The idea for this year, is to go at my own pace, think things through and to live and appreciate each and everyday, whatever it may bring.

What about you?

Even if your plans are small, it would be great to hear of what you would like to achieve, or even improve in 2019?

If you have made a book list for the year, how do you plan the books you would like to read? Such as do you read other blogs? Do you use Goodreads for recommendations? Do you stick to well known bookstores go see what they recommend in the next few months? Do you visit an independent book store?

It would be great if you could leave a comment.

Oh and Happy New Year to everyone! I hope the year brings you hope, love and prosperity.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplashh


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