BookFuse: Part 1

book-863418_640Image by Mysticartdesign, found on Pixabay

I thought it would be nice to try something new.

I have created BookFuse, a simple title which incorporates the word Book and Fusion. I have attempted to create a simple title, focusing on how we use lessons learnt from books in our everyday lives.

There are millions of book readers out there, each giving each other reviews about recently read books, the good and the bad.

What I would like to start doing is to look at books in a different perspective. Although books are great to gain knowledge, when writing a review, we tend to write about what the book is about and who will enjoy it.

I would like to review how or if any books I have read, could be transitioned into my life or people’s lives generally. Such as the importance of remembering to respect others. We may have forgotten or lost our way to do this, but after reading a book, becoming increasingly aware that this particular ability needs a little work and would, therefore, concentrate on reinforcing that back into my life.

A few questions in which to ask yourself to give you a starting point would be:

What were your feelings towards the story? Did it make you uncomfortable? Did it make you smile? Did it make you reminisce on any particular situations you may have encountered in your life?

What main ideas was the book trying to convey?

Were there any moments during your reading that you felt the book really hit upon? Such as strengthening your own values and beliefs.

How did the book convey those important messages to you?

and so on.

Books can teach us so many wondrous lessons, in a style which may not always be apparent, but on reflection, show us what we may have missed or not been paying attention to for a while.

So lets see how this goes!

If you would like to join me on this journey of Bookfuse, please send me a link to your blog post and I will be happy to read and comment on it.






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