I love you both, individually.

There is no way that you can treat your children the same. It won’t work! Your children have their own individual personality and it is this which we have to look upon and use when disciplining and helping them understand the difference between right and wrong. If we treated our children the same, then all of them would not understand what we are trying to teach. Eg just because one child understood the strategy behind long divisions, it doesn’t imply that the second child will use the same method and understand it. As parents, we seek to bring the best out of your children but that can not happen if we stick to “one rule for all”. Our children are unique, our children deserve to be treated as individuals, it doesn’t mean we love them less, it doesn’t mean we favour one over the other. It means that we connecting which each one on a personal level, we are engaging and showing them that whoever and whatever their personality turns out to be, we are right beside them, guiding and helping them to manage who they are and be the best they can be, in accordance with their own style. Our goal, as parents is to not treat all our children the same, but to go through all the emotions we never thought we had and more to make sure we support our children and guide them to be righteous, kind, motivated individuals but most importantly, be true to themselves and be confident in who they are.

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