Smile, eat, sleep, repeat

We tend to focus on habits being something rather annoying, something unpleasant, something we would rather not look at. But there is such as thing as a good habit.

So in January, I started to look into my three words and develop it into my goals for the year. So far, I have been able to do the following:


I have been more open with my feelings to my husband and made sure that if something is bothering me, I will tell him. I am fairly new to this concept of “sharing feelings”, but I am determined to get to a point whereas if there is anything bothering me, I will just speak my mind.

I have looked into progressing my career and trying not to think of what could go wrong in the future, or making mistakes! We all learn from failures.


I have started to promote myself in the local community, but alas it may be harder to organise specific dates to fit with my hectic lifestyle.


I have started bullet journaling, however I am still finding my own individual style which will fit around my lifestyle.

I have started a few monthly projects of my own, such as daily bible reading. A simple task, I know, but a task which will turn into a good habit!

I have started to look hard at my finances and budgeting and constantly keeping up to date with income and expenses, where to save, what are ‘needs and wants’, what can we hold back on. I have started to get my husband into it too, as we a team!

There is still a long way to go and I will get there, but developing good habits now is the way forward. To commit to developing these habits, it takes will power and this will be my biggest challenge yet!

I know it does not seem much, but it is a start. I may be a bit slow but I will gradually get there. So many obstacles and so much to balance. But fun and love all the way!

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