Sum it up in 3 words

Taken from a recent podcast, I decided to try setting my goals in a different way this year. The past few years have taken their toll and due to unforeseen circumstances, I realised I needed to take a breath and start to develop who I am, I need to motivate and find inspiration to be able to create a life I will be happy with.

So I have opted to try the My 3 Words for the year, a simple technique written by Chris Brogan to help guide my choices and actions for the year ahead. So what are my choice of words for 2018:

Active: Although I am already active with the kids, work and the gym, I mean to be more active when promoting my business. I seem to be taking a back seat and it could well be to do with being unsureness and uncertainty, but I will need to push myself for my home and family.

Assertive: This connects with being active. In order to be active, to be able to achieve results, I need to be assertive in my approach (not over the top). I have to show willingness to find, research and apply strategies if I want to be successful with what I want to do.

Organise: Although I thought I was organised, my life is starting to get hectic! In the past, I was able to organise myself around what I had, but as my family grows, as my business will grow, I need to find a way to be organised. Organisation is not just being able to get through the day, attending all necessary appointments, it will also include how to organise, prioritise, set goals and managing every aspect of my life and be able to succeed!

I will let you know how it goes!

In the meantime, it would be great to hear about what 3 words you will use to sum up your year ahead!

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