Graceful Exercise

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Froggy picture taken from google images

(I probably didn’t look quite this graceful at the gym this morning)

After a long Christmas break and a few ups and down, I was surprised that I was lacking the energy to be able to get through a PIYO class at the gym.

Before Christmas, I was going to the gym regularly (or whenever I could spare the time) and I was losing weight and feeling better about myself. However, after a few weeks of solidarity in the confinements of my home and eating Christmas dinners, my energy was slowly being sapped away and I ended up looking like I just crawled out of bed and couldn’t be bothered to attempt a plank!

So this simple experiment of mine just proved what a difference exercise really did for me. I suppose exercise would be a subjective feeling. You wouldn’t know the benefits unless you do it yourself.

Which brings me onto a interesting subject; how can you persuade your patients that exercise is good for them without sounding like a gym hippie who always gives the advice of exercise over and over again.

Well, you need to adapt to what they are doing in their everyday lives. You don’t need to be able to have a gym membership, you have YouTube, the internet and free taster sessions in the local area. You can always just put on your shoes and run, but I would suggest to get some advice from someone who is already doing exercise. Your patients can even come to you for some advice on planning exercise. Make some goals and even if you do not stick to it, it doesn’t matter. You try again another day. You can fit it around what you are doing every day. Get a cheap mat or use a rug to do exercises when your children have gone to bed. Get up a little earlier to walk to the bus stop and then the next day, try and walk to the next bus stop. The list is endless!

The benefits of exercising are humongous and I do not think I need to write it here as it can be found everywhere on the internet. But the ability to be able to get your patient to do some sort of exercise is the challenge. Maybe some kind of treat may inspire them? A free massage treatment???? The possibilities are endless. How would you monitor the exercises? You could tell them to get a walking app and tell them to walk a few hours each week and show you at the next session. By doing this, you will be able to encourage them to move and give them a free treatment at the end. Limit available to 1 a month. lol

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