Stacking the Hauntings

It would seem that at this particular time of the year the usual bad 3 will come and haunt me and prevent me from doing what I want to achieve by the end of the Christmas holidays.

My first haunting was an escalation of going to the hospital with a family member,which has turned into stress, anxiousness and lots of coffee, which have led to ignoring my studies.  My second haunting is  (you’ve guessed it) studying, planning for exams and deadlines with my little ones running wild…wow is that hard!  I have yet to experience my third haunting but the waiting is starting to take its toll (hello darkness, my old friend). So what am I going to do about it? Well right now, I am writing this. I am hoping by expressing my thoughts on this blog will clear up some cloudy, negative, catastrophizing images in my head and give me a little space to think of ideas of how I will deal with this.


Which brings me onto the rock balancing picture…why exactly did I choose this to focus on for my blog post. Well it is simply about balancing. Trying to find a way in which you can take everything that life throws at you and balance it as well as you can. It may be, in some ways you might need to use extra support to help you stay upright (notice the big rock is on rocky legs), you may have the smallest idea (smallest surface where the next rock decides to rest on) to how you may solve the problem, however the decision to be too erratic may cause the idea to never surface and be conscious to you (balancing of the rock on top of the other may fall if you go about it too fast). My haunting’s may not seem to be solid and hard to penetrate. It may be easy to find loopholes to tease out little bits at a time, or just go at it with a hammer! However, it is important to realise that all problems may be looked at as temporary. If there is a significant change, we can adapt to be able to meet that change. Just because we see balancing rocks, it does not mean that it is not moving beyond our eyes and our brains comprehension. It means that the dynamic movement that is happening is being caused by 2 rock surfaces being in contact. Just because we can not see it happen, it does not mean that it is not happening. The guide to maintaining balance is to be dynamic about it. A forever change to how we do things.

So what can I do to try to maintain balance at this particular time?

  1. Stop unnecessary negative thoughts. Try and find the good and positive things you have achieved that day.
  2. Write my blog to be able to understand what I have read (studies, articles etc) Reflect.
  3.  Practice when and where I can. I am at a different level to everyone else. I am experiencing a different life to everyone else which may get in the way of studying, do not be discouraged.
  4. Keep within my limits instead of overdoing things which can be done at a later date. Prioritise!
  5. Be kind to myself, to keep remembering why I am doing what I am doing.

There may be many other suggestions which I can think of, but its a start. A start to head into the right direction!



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